project: generator

project: generator

Here we have the array of deep-cycle batteries that store the energy for my bio-diesel fueled off-grid energy system. These were military surplus, originally used to power telecommunications equipment in submaries. Inside you can see the six two-volt cells, each three feet long and weighing around 300lbs (yep, that's 1800lbs of batteries there, and it's remarkable that no fingers were lost in the stonehenge-like process of mounting them).


Here is the power source, an 8KW China Diesel generator converted to run on waste fryer oil. Behind it is the waste vegetable oil processor (black), which dewaters and filters the fryer oil before pumping it into the 275 gallon storage tank at the rear (brown). On the right is the generator cooling tower (blue) containing fifty (!!!) gallons of antifreeze. This antifreeze is pumped through hydronic tubing in the concrete foundation, heating the entire building when the generator is running. Although still somewhat a work in progress, eventually this system will provide all the heat for the shop, as well as all the electricity for the shop and house.

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