project: caddy

project: caddy

While taking a short cut through between two apartment houses, I happened on this 1970 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. It obviously hadn't been driven in some time (four flat tires, piles of rust accumulating under the fenders), but the odometer showed only 70K miles. With a little investigation I found the owner's apartment. He'd been trying to sell it, but had given up and decided to drive it in the demolition derby, where first prize is $1500.


With a 5000lb car and a 472 big block engine, he probably would have won. But I just couldn't let that happen; the upholstery was still wrapped in the original plastic like an old lady's couch, all the power windows and locks were functional, and the body (outside of huge rust holes in the trunk and behind each wheel) was straight as an arrow. $500 later it was in my shop. And there it would stay for three long years while I rebuilt the fenders and trunk, consuming over thirty square feet of steel. With the welding finished and the interior already immaculate, the next concern would have been a gloss black paint job, but before I could find the time I received a generous offer for the car as it sat. The Caddy now resides in Washington, DC, owned by a member of the world bank.

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