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HTML Q 'n' A

The three character entities can be found:
How do links make a web site different than a book or magazine?
The links connect specific points in the "book or magazine" to related topics in other documents.
Why is a well organized navigation system a necessary component of a Web site?
If users can't locate the information they're looking for in a multi-page site, or become frustrated trying, they're likely to try a different site altogether.
How can visual metaphors used for navigation get you in trouble?
If the visual metaphor renders differently on the user's browser (cell phone, PDA, text-only terminal), the user may not be able to navigate the site.
Why does text flow beside the bottom edge of an image if an alignment isn't specified?
To keep different visual areas of the document distinct.
Why is white space important?
To visually separate different parts of the document.
What is the difference in using <em> or <strong> rather than <i> or <b>?
<i> and <b> are physical tags which have a defined action on the text they enclose. <em> and <strong> are logical tags which can be rendered differently depending on the type of browser being used.
Why would you want to choose a special character set?
For using foreign alphabets or special scientific notations.
Character entities were frequently used for mathematical operators, as discussed in the text. What relatively new option from the W3C do authors now have for producing even more complex representations? (The answer is on the W3C site).
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