House Plans and Updates


Here is my most ambitious project to date, the house I began designing at the age of seven. As you can see the outside is finished, although the interior still needs alot of help. The two-story garage next to it is actually a half-size scale model of the big house, which I built first to test (and subsequently revise) the plans presented here.

The house uses a passive solar-heated design, with sunlight passing thru the glass of the south wall warming a dark stone floor that fills the entire south half of the first floor. In Feb 07 I tested the design by turning off the heat for four days, during which time the outdoor temperature was around five degrees, with nighttime lows below zero. After the first two days the indoor temperature stabilized at 37 degrees, and didn't go any lower. Good enough to go for a winter vacation and not worry about the pipes bursting.

Here are my original plans for the house. Anyone who wants can copy, sell or distribute them. These were done about ten years ago without the aid of a computer and are admittedly a little rough, but they are the actual plans used in the construction. You'll need to magnify them in your browser to read the text. Each page will open in it's own window. Some areas, particularly the spiral staircase and the second-floor atrium, have undergone several redesigns since then, and are no longer as represented in the plans. If you'd like an update on how these (and other) problem areas eventually turned out, you can contact me on my home page.

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