Comparison of Entry Techniques in Silat

The Indonesian martial art of Silat has it's roots in the regimen developed by Alexander the Great to train his soldiers, over two thousand years ago. By the age of twenty-five, Alexander had led the tiny army of his native Macedonia to conquer nearly all of Asia. Today, Silat has branched into hunrdreds of distinct martial arts, but all still rely on the principle of "Entering," penetrating the opponent's "circle of weapons" to attack his vital areas from very close range where they are not easily defended. These are the most common techniques, across the many contemporary varieties of Silat (space precludes detailed descriptions of individual techniques):

With these techniques available, the following table compares their applications and relative advantages.

Comparison of Silat Entries
Technique Resulting
Strengths Weaknesses
1. Double spearhand Inside Sambut 1,22 Simple No attack
2. Spearhand w/supported elbow Inside Sambut 1 Offensive Leaves ribs exposed
3. Tabletop block, Downward elbow Inside Sambut 2,14 Offensive, controls opp's lead arm Leaves ribs exposed
4. Tabletop block, check opp's shoulder Inside Sambut 9 Negates opp's counter-attack Invites grappling attacks
5. KNT, arm over Inside Sambut 1 Defensive Difficult to follow up
6. KNT, arm under Inside Sambut 17, Buang 22 Many followups Can't block Opp's lead
7. Supported hammerfist Outside Sambut 3,29 Difficult to counter Harder to achieve
8. KNT using spearhands Outside Sambut 10 Negates opp's attack w/o injury Limited followup
9. Lead tabletop w/ horiz. elbow Outside Sambut 11 Negates any counter, many followups Difficult to achieve
10. Parry inside, rear roundhouse Outside Sambut 24 Kick is nearly impossible to block or anticipate Off-balance for opp's cross
11. Spearhand block, elbow lock Outside Harimau Silat Negates opp's attack w/o injury Difficult to achieve
12. Jab capture Crossblock Buang 2,3,15 Extremely fast, no injury to opp Open to many counter-attacks
13. Parry inside w/ Kalong uppercut Crossblock Buang 5,6,16 More offensive than above Open to opp's cross
14. Parry inside, lead elbow downroot Crossblock Buang 23 No injury to opp Open to several counters, limited followup

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