Week 2 Project

For this week's project assignment please resubmit this document with the following rules in place.

Please create the following rules for the h1 and h2 tags:

  1. font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
  2. font-style: italic;
  3. color: #000000;
  4. background: #ffff00;

The h1 element should be 1.5em and h2 element should be 1.3em in size.

Class and Id

By using class selectors you are able to control how you would like various elements to be displayed. For example, this sentence should be displayed in courier font with a green background, whereas the rest of this paragraph is being displayed with the defined style above (Arial, 1em, black). Your task is to figure out where to place the class selector/attribute definition to create the effect that matches what is being said in this paragraph!

This paragraph is being displayed in italics with a background color of your choice (remember to include a color: property also).

I'll use the forum of this last paragraph to ask a question. What is the difference in effect between these three selectors: * {...}, html {...}, and body {...}? Are these all ways of doing the same thing? And if so, why do we need the universal selector * {...}, when body {...} will affect all the visible content? Thanx!

Valid CSS!

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