Mason's Deli Website

D313 Week #1 assignment by Rich Kaske

This is my website proposal for a single-owner convenience store located near Cornell university. The customers are primarily college students, most of whom are looking for cheap beer and perhaps a few impulse-buy items. The site will need to advertise beer prices, so I'll need to research any compliance issues associated with advertising beer. Also it would be convenient to reproduce brand logos on the pricing pages for easier product recognition, and I'll need to research the legality of this as well.
Outside of creating the code for the site, there will be digital photography of the indoor and outdoor dining areas and storefront, as well as some graphic design for page headings and logo (the business currently has no logo). Depending on whether I can reproduce product logos on the pricing pages, the total graphic/text ratio will be medium to high. The site should be flashy and colorful, to appeal to college students. I'll be doing the photography and graphic design myself.
Site maintenance (price and product changes) can probably be handled by the owner, through editable-regions in Dreamweaver templates (Or if he decides later that this is too overwhelming, your humble narrator will be available to update the site, for a surprisingly large fee!). Domain registry will be my responsibility; I plan to set him up with, who host my personal site. They are very reasonably priced and have no banner ads.

Here's the preliminary sitemap: